Grant County Library

210 North Oak Street Sheridan Arkansas

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  • Books, magazines and audio books are checked out for two weeks.
  • 6 DVDs per person can be checked out for 7 days.
  • Check out limits are 25 books,5 Magazines and 6 DVDs per family.
  • Non-fiction check out limits are 3 items per subject.
  • The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has provided fishing poles that may be checked out for two weeks.
  • You do not need to present your library card to check out items. 
  • Do not ask to check out on another person's account unless we have prior approval from the patron


  • Current Check out items may be renewed online
  • Overdue items must be renewed in person or by phone


  • Fines for books, magazines, and audios are 10 cents per day with a $3.00 maximum.
  • Videos and DVDs are charged $1.00 per day with a $3.00 maximum.


  • Items may be placed on hold online for current accounts

Internet Policies:

The Grant County Library's internet access is intended primarily as an information resource. Displaying, sending or receiving material inappropriate for viewing in a public place is prohibited by Arkansas Sate Code 5-68-205. Inappropriate material is defined as pictures or text which could reasonably be construed as obscene or pornographic, as defined by Arkansas State Code 
5-68-302. The Library is also in compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act.


  • You must sign in to use computers. Please print your full name legibly.
  • Internet usage is limited to one hour, one additional hour is allowed if there are no other patrons waiting.
  • E-mail accounts are not provided. You must use your personal account.
  • Staff reserves the right to monitor your use.
  • You must have some computer knowledge to use the computers. Staff can assist, but is not responsible for teaching you how to use the programs.
  • You must be 14 years old to be on the internet. Under 14 must be assisted by a parent or guardian. ID must be provided if requested.
  • If others are waiting for a computer, one family will not be allowed to use more than one computer.
  • Patrons not in good standing with the library will not be allowed to use the computers